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YSRCP demands CBI probe

New Delhi: Demanding a CBI probe into the Amaravati land scam and AP Fiber Grid scam, YSRCP MPs held a protest holding placards near Mahatma Gandhi statue inside the Parliament premises here on Thursday. 
Speaking on the occasion, YSRCP General Secretary and MP V Vijayasai Reddy said that the gag order on media by the judiciary did not go well with the intelligentsia as it was a tool which should be used under very special and extraordinary circumstances and it seems that the interpretation differs from person to person.
Normally governments seek gag orders on media but at Amaravati, the situation has been different with judiciary passing such orders and there seems to be an overlapping of functioning of constitutional bodies and the general impression is that the judiciary has overreached the legislature and executive. 
The developments over the past 14 months gives such an impression and the gag order is being read by people as deprivation of the fundamental right of expression and in the House we have raised the issue and explained in detail. We are not attributing motives to any individuals but are only questioning to apply the same yardstick to one and all. 
There were no such gag orders when we were at the receiving end and things seemed to be right and now the interpretation has differed. 
 MP Mithun Reddy said YSRCP MPs would take up the issue with the President and Prime Minister and will speak on the issue at all available avenue. It is unfortunate that Courts are hindering the investigation into scams. As law makers we have the right to raise the issue in the Parliament and speak out about functioning of judiciary, he said.
Earlier, Vijayasai Reddy raised the issue of judiciary imposing a gag order on the media in Andhra Pradesh and stalling the investigation on insider trading of lands in Amaravati  in Rajya sabha and sought Centre’s intervention.