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Will there be emotion in Mahanayakudu?

NTR biopic has to be in two parts. One part is till he becomes the CM and the remaining part of his life will form the second part. But, unlike Mahanati, where there is lot of emotion and sentiment, NTR’s pre-political life is very flat and uncomplicated. Except for the beginning years, his life had no struggle at all. In fact, he was the top most hero of his time. So many expected Kathanayakudu to be flat. This has come out to be true.
The film covered all major getups of NTR and Balayya did fairly well as NTR in his 40s and 50s. Some scenes are very good, while some others are too flat.  But, most scenes failed to carry any emotion. Though there were scenes such has the one involving NTR grieving over the death of his son, they looked good only in patches. On the whole, the film did not carry emotions.
As for Mahanayakudu, the Part 2, there are more questions. There are issues like how will Laxmi Parvathi be portrayed and whether Chandrababu Naidu’s backstabbing is shown or not. If the Part II too fails to carry the emotions,  then the film may not make any impact.
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