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Will Shankar leash in Bharateeyudu 2’s budget?


Shankar is one director who had put the South Indian films on a high pedestal on the global cinema stage. His films like Gentleman and Bharateeyudu were huge commercial successes. Rich is taking, his films have been eagerly lapped up by the audience. Robo took him to the next level. His films are high budget films, but the viewing experience he gives is tremendous.

But, till now, his films’ budget used to be based on sound logic. The market business was always better than the budget. But, of late, he seems to be floundering. Those who watched his ‘I’ felt the film did not need such a huge budget. Also questions were raised about the long time it took to make the film. For Robo 2.0, he had spent Rs 545 crore.

In fact, the original budget was to be around Rs 400 crore. But, the delay in VFX works, reshoot and other factors made the budget to overshoot. Now, despite such huge budgets, the output leaves much to be desired. It has failed to give the Robo experience. There are also doubts about the budget recovery. Will the buyers be safe is another question.

Now the question is – will Shakar be careful and put a leash on Bharateeyudu 2’s budget?