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Why WB Governor is calling for all-party meeting?


Is the BJP government at the Centre moving to dismiss Mamta Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress Government in West Bengal? Is the Centre trying to use Governor KN Tripathi for this?

In an unprecedented move, Governor KN Tripathi has called for an all-party meeting on June 13 to discuss the political violence in the state. Since May 23, when Lok Sabha polls ended and the BJP made significant inroads by winning 18 MP seats, political violence is on the upswing in West Bengal.

The BJP has claimed that as many as 51 of its activists have been brutally murdered, while the Trinamool Congress has claimed that 19 of its workers were killed. There are allegations that Mamta is instigating the state police to attack the BJP workers. From Sunday, there have been at least five incidents of police attacking the BJP workers and at least five incidents of BJP-TMC clashes.

In view of this, the Governor called for this meeting. Mamta feels she can take to streets and launcha  a massive agitation if her government is dismissed, while the BJP feels that it can break the back of the TMC cadre and hit at the TMC-police nexus. This will give a more level-playing field for the BJP, the party feels. Looks like West Bengal is headed for exciting times.