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Why success meets are becoming jokes?


Time was when success meets were organised after the film runs for 100 days. A film would be declared ‘industry hit’ only when the film runs for a continous year. But, now things are different. If a film runs for 50 days, it is an industry hit. Making a film run for two weeks on trot is the toughest of the task these days.

As a result, promotion has become very important in Telugu film industry.  These days success meets are organized when the film’s collections are waning and the footfalls are coming down. Success meets are also organized when the film gets a divided talk. The success meets today are not meant to celebrate the success of the film. They are a means to create some buzz about the film and make the audience come to the theatres. 

The producers too know that the audience can see through their game. But, they feel this will get them some additional viewers. It is for this that all these self praises and boastful speechs are organized. But,sometimes, the unit goes on an overdrive to praise the film Many a time the praises are much more than what the film actually deserves. If the same trend continues, the people would stop taking success meets seriously and they would soon become jokes.