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Why Naga Shourya is miffed with this heroine?

Naga Shaurya Narthanasala

Differences between the hero and the heroine are not uncommon. But, most of them end before the shoot is completed. Rarely do the stars open up about those differences. When it happens, it only means that the tiff is not just a tiff, but is an altercation.

Naga Shourya and Sai Pallavi had huge differences during the shooting of Kanam. Most people felt that it would end with the film. But, during a recent TV interview, Naga Shourya said that Sai Pallavi has irritated him most. When asked to name the actress who troubled most, he immediately named Sai Pallavi. In another interview too, he said that she had caused lot of troubles during the shooting.

Sai Pallavi too reacted and said that she is aware of Naga Shourya’s interview.She said she immediately called up director Vijay to enquire if she caused any problems during the shoots. Vijay replied in the negative, she says. Cinematographer Nirav Shah too replied in the negative. She further said that if there was any issue, one should take it to the director, who is the captain of the ship. She said Well! Sai Pallavi! Instead of talking to director and cinematographer, why don’t you talk directly to Naga Shourya himself and sort out the issue?