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Why is Bunny wasting time?

Allu Arjun
Allu Arjun

Two of his competitors – Cherry and NTR – are now committed to one film for the coming two years. This is the time to kick into gear and do as many films as possible.  Yet, Allu Arjun hasn’t taken a call and hasn’t spelt out what his next project would be.  He hasn’t okayed any project after Naa Peru Surya. He has been listening to story after story but is rejecting them on some ground or the other. 

He announced his next would be with Trivikram Srinivas, but the story has not yet been approved.  There is a buzz that he is asking director Prem Kumar and producer Dil Raju to make suitable amends to the Tamil hit 96 so that he can do it. But, nothing has yet been finalized. He tried director Vikram Kumar and abandoned the idea after much thought.  His confusion is now affecting the overall market too. Yet, Bunny is undecided.

Another star couple is heading for splitsville. Yes. Satna Titus,  the heroine of hit film Bichagadu, is all set to quit on her husband of one year – Karthi. Karthi, a film distributor and Satna tied the knot last year January much against the wishes of her parents. The marriage was accompanied by lot of acrimony, police cases and allegations and counter allegations galore.

But soon, differences cropped up and they are already living separately. Satna recently did Needi Naadi Oke Katha in Telugu and is doing a Tamil film too. The reasons for the separation are not known as yet. Marital discord is  becoming quite common in South India. Amala Paul and AL Vijay separated soon after their wedding. Ditto with Kannada hero Vishnu Vishal. Now, Satya and Karthi have joined the list.