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Who is the winner in Dussehra season?


Dussehra films in Telugu, released during the holiday season and on festival day too. Aravindha Sametha came on 11th October and got a positive feedback from audience and movie lovers. 

The movie collected a total of Rs. 85 crores share till now. There is a debate on this number too but trade pundits say that it is the real number. The movie needs to collect another Rs.10 crores to become a hit, as then it will pass the break even mark. 

Hello Guru Prema Kosame released on 18th October and the movie managed to collect Rs. 14 crores, during the opening weekend. The movie rights are valued at Rs. 24 crores, so it needs another Rs. 10 crores to be called a hit.

Pandem Kodi-2 collected Rs. 5 crores in its opening weekend and the movie needs another Rs. 6 crores to emerge a Winner. For both HGPK and Pandem Kodi-2, the talk is very weak and they have dropped big on Monday and Tuesday. 

So, we have to say Aravindha Sametha is the Dussehra winner of 2018 and wait to see how it performs at the box office further.