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When Rashmi, Anasuya shake a leg…

 Rashmi, Anasuya shake a leg

Rashmi Gautham and Anasuya Bharadwaj have brought zing to anchoring on TV shows. Both became celebrities with Jabardast and have played no mean role in making the show top the charts.

Both are now into films. While Rashmi has oozed glamour in Guntur Talkies and shocked us all, Anasuya is focusing on performance oriented roles like the Rangammatta in Rangasthalam.

Though both were seen together on small screen, they were never seen shaking a leg. Recently both Anasuya and Rashmi shook a leg to peppy item number ‘Babuji Dheera Chalo.’ They were seen dancing to their heart’s content. Both consummate dancers, both the girls looked every inch a heroine material.

Anasuya in torn jeans was stunning and Rashmi in a two piece gown was mesmerizing. We are sharing the video for all the fans of these two lovely lasses.