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Vishal’s Action Movie Review

Cast: Vishal, Tamanna, Ramki, Kabir Duhan Singh, Aishwarya Lakshmi, Akanksha Puri
Screenplay: Subha, Venkat Raghavan
Music: Hip-hop Tamizha
Cinematography: Dudley
Editor: NB Srikanth
Writer-Director: Sundar C
Runtime: 157:40 minutes
Vishal after Abhimanyudu did not receive a box office success with Temper remake, Ayogya in Tamil. Now, he came with his Ambala director, Sundar C for a huge spy action thriller, Action. Tamanna joined him as stunt partner and glam doll in the film. Can they deliver a memorable action film? Can Tamanna continue her box office winning run after Sye Raa with Action? Let’s discuss 
The story follows a military Spy, whose designation and duties are as random as any film hero character has. Subhash (Vishal) is son of a Chief Minister and he takes huge risks as an agent to complete missions that ensure safety of our Country. His partner in crime is Diya (Tamanna). Subhash falls in love with his cousin Meera (Aishwarya Lakshmi) and his brother Shravan (Ramki) is slated to become CM soon.  
Mallik (Kabir Duhan Singh) plans to execute Prime Minister candidate Gupta and the accusation goes on Subhash’s father for inviting Gupta for a meeting despite security warning. Meera and Shravan are killed by a lady assassin (Akanksha Puri) fearing any leaks of truth. Revenge against Mallik and saving Country from his terror threats, becomes the new mission of Subhash and Diya, helps him. 
Technically film is just another big budget extravaganza that lost its way due to the overconfidence of the makers. It doesn’t try to go beyond the silly premise and try to execute it as a cohesive film. The action choreography also seems like a cut-paste job from Salman Khan Tiger franchise. The insistence on Tamanna wearing short clothes seems to work against the run of the film, distracting the viewers from main story. The seriousness in the story is never given that weight and it doesn’t rise above tried and tested storytelling ideas. 
Performances by Vishal, Tamanna are routine. They worked hard to perform parkour stunts and at trying conditions but the sequences lack in suspense and fun drama. Bringing back Dawood Ibrahim kind of a terrorist back to India is handled in such funny way that people won’t take anything in the movie seriously and they keep remembering Hollywood movies with same theme. Even the final twists and turns are highly predictable with director handling them as run in the play casual scenes. 
The vibe of casualness and sleep-walking easy randomness hamper the movie from being a decent action entertainer that Arjun used to do in early 2000’s with better stunts. Again, the screenplay plays spoilsport and script doesn’t emerge from the unabashedly commercial view point to make audience feel like this is a special attempt from the makers with all the budget at stake. Forgettable experience. 
Rating: 1.5/5