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Vikram’s Kadaram Kondan Movie Review!!

Cast: Vikram, Akshara Haasan, Abi Haasan, Lena, Vikas, Jasmine, and Siddhartha 
Music Composed by Ghibran 
Cinematography by Srinivas R Gutha 
Edited by Praveen K L 
Directed by Rajesh M Seelva
First things first, Chiyaan Vikram has a charismatic personality and his salt & pepper look adds to it. But the actor needs a better script and a better director and a better ensemble of cast to work with him. He seems to be carrying the curse or burden of being talented so much that anything he does looks like a major disservice to him. Rajesh M Selva looks like an amateur filmmaker who got lucky because he found a producer like Kamal Haasan and actor like Vikram believing in him.
This film is just a dream of a director who thinks in his head that figured out filmmaking because he understood how to place a camera. He needed to know that there should characters, actors in those characters that give a character to the film and then a style in narrative. But in this one nothing like that is even remotely present. 
We get a Malaysia location with stylish looking Vikram as KK and pregnant looking Akshara Haasan unable to carry the character with another actor playing her husband not being able to even act. With these three main characters running around, we get a mess of a film that could have easily been one of those popcorn action films. Mn
We don’t have to take anything seriously but we do need to care for characters, otherwise there is no story. There is no skeleton and there is just goo that tries to form a shape but fails. Rajesh did same mistakes in Cheekati Rajyam/Thoonga Vanam in 2015 and even after 4 years, he did not learn anything. He seems to know about camera techniques but nothing about pacing and absolutely nothing about performances and story elements. 
We get Ghibran trying his best to make us feel for the characters but his best efforts just seem to go parallelly opposite to what Rajesh is dishing out on screen. We hear a great tune for literally no emotion display on the screen. Characters become friends with no reason and even main leads change religions without proper explanation. On the whole, Rajesh is as lucky as Meher Ramesh in getting big projects but had he been better than him, it would have been great service to talents who believed in him. Vikram fans too will be astonished to see him being wasted by filmmakers like this film after film! 
Rating: 1.5/5 (for two action sequences)