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TV9 Ex CEO Ravi Prakash arrested


A 10 member police team arrested Ravi Prakash at his residence. TV9’s new owners gave a complaint on Ravi Prakash and two others in Banjara Hills Police Station. It alleged that Rs.18.31 crore was diverted to its accounts without the permission of the board.

Banjara Hills police issued a notice to Raviprakash according to 41 CRPC act, he refused to take them and they have taken him into custody.

Earlier, Banjara Hills police detain Ravi Prakash for allegedly interfering with police duties during a visit to a TV studio and previously issued notices to Ravi Prakash. Yesterday night, there was an attack on businessman Potluri Vara Prasad by Bandla Ganesh and his followers and rumors arose that Ravi Prakash Hand in it.

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