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Travel man says “less luggage more comfort”


Kesineni Nani is a tours and travels baron. He manages one of the biggest private transport agency in the twin Telugu states. He tweeted something closely related to his profession. On Monday, he tweeted: Less Luggage More Comfort.” Everyone who is  aware of the political developments in Vijayawada had a hearty laugh.

The TDP Vijayawada Urban unit’s office has been for years functioning from Kesineni Bhavan, belonging to Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani. But, of late Nani has been criticising the TDP leadership and has been keeping away from party affairs. He is also rumoured to be trying to join the BJP sooner than later. So, the TDP has decided to shift its office from Kesineni Bhavan to the Krishna District TDP office in Auto nagar. A statement has been issued by Budda Venkanna and Pattabhiram.

Reacting to this, Kesineni took to the Twitter to say : “Less luggage more comfort.” This showed that he wanted to be rid of one TDP connection after another. So, one more bonding less is one step closer to joining the BJP.