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Toy Story 4 Movie Review

Cast: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Keanu Reeves, Annie Potts, Joan Cusack, Keegan Micheal-Key, Jordan Peele
Story: Josh Cooley, John Lasseter, Rashida Jones, Valerie LaPointe, Stephany Folsom, Andrew Staton, Martin Hynes, Will McCormack
Screenplay: Andrew Staton, Stephany Folsom
Music: Randy Newman
Editing: Axel Geddes
Director of Photography: Jean-Claude Kalache, Patrick Lin 
Director: Josh Cooley 
Toy Story has been one of the best trilogies ever produced in Cinema and the best ever animation trilogy. Pixar delivered three films consistent with character arc, development and best in the industry animation. Now, Toy Story 4 came out with some new characters with popular actors joining the cast. Many thought the 4th one isn’t necessary but the director and Pixar proved it is a value addition and in a character arc completing movie that toys needed. 
Sheriff Woody (Tom Hanks) isn’t picked by his new kid, Boonie and he sits in the closet every day. One day, he decides to be with the kid as she is about to enter school for the first time. As she is scared Woody without her knowing helps her to emotionally cope up as she makes a Toy from scratch. She names it Forky and Woody in order to help Forky learn how to be a toy goes on an adventure that gives him a purpose to move on. 
Buzz Lightyear and Bo Peep get good lines in the film while Woody has the overall arc. Tim Allen delivers jokes well and Keanu Reeves is a treat as Duke Caboom. The villain of the film turns to be a positive character and we appreciate the segway the story took to make it happen as it delivers emotionally. It tries to celebrate letting go off things that holds dear to you and tells that you’re never lost when you have people loving you around. 
Keegan-Micheal Key and Jordan Peele deliver some of the best elaborate jokes that only they can with their unique timing. Movie doesn’t try overstay anything and it makes you feel for an age old romance as it delivers the key emotions at right notes. It brings everything people loved in Toy Story franchise to the fore front and delivers on story too. 
Animators come up with lively visuals and there are no sequences or frames that they let just go. They carefully crafted each and every frame with life and gave characters the best possible distinctive features to identify them from a distance. Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Annie Potts hold the film together and this one is an experience that no child and even adult shouldn’t miss. The story telling in this movie and “inner voice” metaphors, jokes strike hard. Don’t miss it. 
Rating: 4/5