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This is the most in-demand course in Delhi


In the Telugu states, the best and the brightest root for engineering or medicine courses and feel the skies have fallen on them if they fail to get admission into these courses. But, up in the North, especially Delhi, know what is the most preferred course? It’s a study of political science.

There is huge demand for admission into political science courses. Despite very high cut-off marks, most Delhi colleges have closed admissions as there were a large number of admission seekers with high marks. There are many more who want admission into these courses and want the colleges to increase their intake.

Academicians say that avenue for higher studies and immense possibilities for foreign education and the usefulness of political science for the UPSC examinations are said to be the main reasons from opting for civil services. Sources say the demand has been growing in Delhi  year over year for political science courses. There are demands for increasing the number of seats in various colleges under the jurisdiction of Delhi.