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TDP trying to incite violence


The TDP is resorting to violent politics on the issue of TDP attacks on the YSRCP in the volatile Palnadu area of Guntur district. The party has organised a “Chalo Atmakur” protest to Palnadu area on the issue of clashes between the TDP and the YSRCP. The Palnadu has always been violence prone and the TDP workers had attacked the YSRCP workers for the past five years while the TDP was ruling the state.

Now the TDP is trying to incite violence in the name of attacks on the TDP workers. The TDP is trying to mobilise its supporters to march to the Palnadu region to egg on people to attack the YSRCP workers. Senior leaders like Atchen Naidu, Nara Lokesh and others have entered into heated arguments with the police, who were trying to maintain law and order.

The YSRCP too, has retaliated by giving a call for Chalo Atmakur. Sensing that the situation could spiral out of control, the police have issued prohibitory orders and imposed Section 144. They are banned any meeting, procession or rally in the region. They have taken several persons into custody as a precautionary measure. The police have been deployed in all sensitive areas including Guntur.