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TDP still controls national media


Has YS Jagan’s plan to have senior journalist Devulapalli Amar as government representative for national media backfired. There have always been doubts about Amar’s appointment as he is from the Telangana region and has no links with Andhra Pradesh. Yet, his experience as the leader of the national level journalist union were believed to help the government’s image building.

But, soon after his taking over, the issue of Chalo Atmakur protest of the TDP came up and the national media surprisingly gave huge coverage for the TDP protest. In fact, some dailies even wrote editorials asking Jagan to focus on governance and not on vendetta politics.

This incident showed that the TDP still has lot of clout in the national media, while the YSRCP came a cropper. The presence of Amar did not help the YSRCP government in any which way. The government had to fight with its back to the wall. So, despite the presence of Amar Devulapally, the TDP managed to beat the YSRCP fair and square in a battle of perception. Will the media advisor wake up and take corrective steps?