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Tapsee’s Game Over Movie Review

Cast: Taapsee Pannu, Vinodhini Vaidyanathan, Anish Kuruvilla, Sancchana Natarajan, Anish Kuruvilla, Ramya Subramanian 
Written BY Venkat Kacherla (Telugu), Ashwin Saravanan. 
Music Ron Ethan Yohann Cinematography by A Vasanth 
Edited by Richard Kevin
Directed by Ashwin Saravanan 
Tapsee Pannu’s penchant to support good scripts and different films gave her a chance to do a film on gaming now. The movie explores different levels of life as a game and tries to pinpoint on the intricacies of how to triumph a psychological disorder. When we go through tough situations in life, we try to look at what could have been done by us to escape from it rather than analysing how to go forward. Even the past sometimes due to social conditioning in society doesn’t help us to move on. So, the director, Ashwin says look at the life as a game and problems as the cause of death. 
When you do so, your survival instinct immediately helps you to move on from them and look for solutions than regretting about what happened. Tapsee Pannu is able to understand this in the layered script and gave a portrayal that understands the levels well. For starters, she is more balanced here than ever. She sometimes over does a thing trying to make it look authentic but here, she just let it flow naturally. She made it clear to herself that she is the victim, she is Swapna, the character and we can see that in her way of expressing grief throughout the film. 
Director and writer, Ashwin thought the movie as visuals and then wrote it with layers to decode. So, we see a visually strong film and technically sound one too. There are no moments which he left out to chance and planned every detail with great pain. On screen, we can see that the camera is taken as eye of the viewer than eye of a director. The difference is that eye of a director tries to give you a great detail about how good their shots are and how great their knowledge is. But eye of a viewer is more bothered about emotions and important details. Hence, we see a tight narration than a loose one where unwanted elements in the name of style take centre stage. 
Music by Ron Ethan Yohann and cinematography by A. Vasanth aided by sound department give us an environment and set up mood too. We are in the world of these physiologically disturbed people and a victim who is also physiologically weak. She ends up being physically weak too as her mind rejects any kind of idea of moving on from the one mistake that she did not commit but was forced upon her. Yes, we need to fight when we are in situations that we went through but not all are that strong. 
So, finding strength from past can only construct a future. This message is delivered by director by taking game as a metaphor. In real life, we have only one opportunity and one way to make it all count. We can’t wait for second chances every time. Hence, preparing ourselves with detachment to attachment is a must. Ashwin Saravanan is not just a filmmaker who has great visual knowledge but he is also a writer who can bring complex issues to life, in an interesting way. All the actors performed believably and major credits should go to Kalamma (Vinodhini Vaidhyanathan) for pulling out such a vital character too. On the whole, this is a film that gives you things to ponder upon after the viewing is over while viewing is an experience. 
Rating: 3.5/5