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Srimukhi is fearing about exit?

Bigg Boss Season 3 in Telugu is slowly getting more and more momentum as the last week elimination of popular Ali Reza made other revise their strategy. 
We have been watching Srimukhi become the leader of the pack for a group while Vithika, Punarnavi are leading the other pack. Suddenly, Srimukhi seems to be thinking about possible eviction of her. 
Also, there seems to be a chance for her being targeted by all others and mainly, by Baba Bhaskar master too. She did not get the immunity from master as she expected and she seemed upset about it. 
In any case, Himaja, Shivajyothy and Mahesh seem to have their eyes on the finale week already while Varun seems to be set to be among Top 5 for now.