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Sharabha Movie Review

At times, we just watch movies that may not make sense to scientific reasoning but satisfy the youngster in us, who craves for a good demon vs God story. In Telugu, there have been many films that marked to be good guilty pleasures that will transport you into a world of Gods and Demons. Can Sharabha be such good fun? Let’s find out ..
A village named Singarayakonda is located at the perfect place for a demon king, Rudraksha (Puneeth Issar) to perform 18th virgin girl sacrifice to achieve powers that will help him rule the universe like God. To stop him, Lord Vishnu in the form Sharabha Narasimha idol take birth in the land.
 Also, he takes human form as Sharabha (Ashwini Kumar) son of Parvathamma (Jayapradha). Rudraksha unable to successfully complete his mission dies in the hands of Karthavarayudu (Napoleon) husband of Parvathamma. After 27 years, Sharabha meets Divya (Misthi) who is chosen as 18th virgin sacrifice by Chadraksha (Charandeep) son of Rudraksha. How will Sharabha know his birth cause and kill Chandraksha/Rudraksha forms the rest of the story.  
Ashwin Kumar needs to think about taking acting classes and also should learn what is body language. He just couldn’t act even in one scene of the movie. 
Mishti Chakraborthy looked good. But asusual fell short of the requirement of a role. Flaring nostrils and eyelashes, making cute faces  is not called acting. Jayapradha is still star of the show. She still has energy to perform on screen and looks. It would be better if young directors use her in prominent roles. 
Nepolean, Nassar, L.B. Sriram, Charandeep, Puneeth Issar and others are adequate. 
Ramana Salwa worked hard to use the artists given to him. Even though his visuals aren’t really great, they are not bad too. He did work well in tanden with VFX artists. 
Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao could have trimmed the movie even more. Also, he should have removed inconsequential scenes that don’t really help the screenplay. 
Music director Koti seems to have been asked to use any left overs from Arundhati and he did the same. Not one song or BGM really impress the audiences. 
Narasimha Rao wrote and directed the movie. One has to say that the director in him is an ardent follower of Kodi Ramakrishna. He used similar over the top techniques to induce the demons into the story. He tried to follow the noted director’s path in setting up conflict and by using non-existent places, mystic terms he tried to weave a story that is outlandish for even a kid to completely believe. The major difference is that Kodi Ramakrishna in his hey days made the movies with greater conviction. Narsimha Rao did not show any. 
Jayapradha’s performance and screen presence 
VFX used for the movie. 
Over the top narration 
Too old story and screenplay 
Bad music and loud BGM 
Director failed to use the budget given to him. 
Whenever we watch a movie, we always hope that we get entertained by it to the fullest. But the story and screenplay cannot be too old for the time. When we have been watching horror comedies and socio-fantasies left, right and centre, we cannot have a very bad version of all the films unfold in front of us and get entertained by it. This movie is a bad Kodi Ramakrishna movie that doesn’t at least try to a time period and aims at a demographic that has been watching such VFX dramas on TV regularly. 
Neither it tries hard to make us believe in the proceedings with a very routine story nor its execution has any merit that we can appreciate the efforts of makers. It is a delight to know that Jayapradha can still act and has energy to dominate the screen. Hope to see her in better movies. Other than that this movie offers nothing new and VFX artists can show this as a showreel as they did put in lot of efforts. 
Rating: 1.75/5  (for VFX)  
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