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Saying “Erragadda nunchi Vachinava’ is not wrong


“Erragadda Nunchi Vachinava” is a popular comment in Hyderabad to ask someone if he is nuts. In Mumbai, the usual expression used to ask someone is nuts is “Alibaug Se Aya Hai Kya”. One person from Alibaug found this highly objectionable and approached the Mumbai high court seeking a ban on this expression. He wanted that films having this expression should not be given censor certificate.

The court, however, ruled that there is nothing derogatory in the expression and should not be taken as an insult. The court said that jokes on different communities are common in India. There are jokes on Sikhs, Tamilians and north Indians. “One should have fun, not feel humiliated,” the court said. The judge said that there is nothing wrong in the expression. The court said people should learn to have fun. They should know how to laugh at jokes.

The court’s verdict is a lesson for all those who approach courts saying that their sentiments are affected due to some comment or the other.