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RX100 girl says it exists; Rakul doubts about #MeToo!

Payal Rajput
Payal Rajput
We have been listening to #MeToo trends and saw many come forward with their stories, especially shocking ones with big names. Several women reported that they have been humiliated and harassed from long. 
Rakul Preet Singh has been vocal about this trend saying that she did not face such situations but she has sympathies with those who faced it.
Now, RX100 lead Payal Rajput said that she is not interested in sleeping around and she wants to act only in movies that come to respect her talent. She did say that a producer and director asked her for commitment and she walked away from that situation. 
Rakul on the other hand in an interview said that she wants to become a defective for 24 hours and find out who is really saying the Truth in #MeToo. A day of contrasts for us in the same topic! For you too?!