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RGV’s Inspiration For Civils Topper

RGV's Inspiration For Civils Topper

Sensational filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is said to have inspired a lot of criminals but he never thought that he would become an inspiration for a civils topper. The same thing happened as Akshay named Civils topper revealed that he is inspired by Ram Gopal Varma. Aksay revealed this in an interview and RGV shared the interview and told that he wanted to meet Akshay.

“For all those who thought i inspire only criminals and perverts take a listen to what this Civil Topper is saying. The  irony is that I was a terrible student and failed in Civil engineering twice but proud about it. Yedavalli Akshay kumar a Civils Topper takes inspiration from a failed Civil engineer. Hey Akshay I would like to meet you and talk to u about education.” tweeted RGV.