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Ravi Shastri on MS Dhoni retirement


Once again rumors start spreading after the Indian coach Ravi Shastri comments on Dhoni. From the time team, India lost the Semi-final match in the Cricket World Cup. We haven’t seen Dhoni practicing or playing cricket and the rumors start spreading about Dhoni’s retirement.

In recent times, Indian team coach Ravi Shastri spoke about Dhoni’s retirement. He said from the time team India lost the semi-final match in the cricket World Cup, he did not meet Dhoni. Dhoni should decide whether to play or not and if he retires from the cricket his name will be added in the list of great cricketers.

After the World Cup, we haven’t seen Dhoni playing in West Indies tour and the ongoing tour against Proteas. The fans were worried as they haven’t seen Dhoni engaging in cricket for a long time and the rumors spread after the Ravi Shastri comments about Dhoni’s Retirement.