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Ranveer Singh shares that Deepika is a singer but …!

Ranveer Singh received critical praise and fame for his portrayal of Murad Ahmad in Gullyboy movie. The movie is a success for the actor as it collected 140 crores Nett, only in India and has been a good success Overseas too. He sang all his songs homself and he got close to the musician within him.
He now launched a new label to support hip-hop and rap musicians, Inclnk with filmmaker Navzar Eranee. Under ths label, he launched a rap song video Zeher in association with Spirfire, SlowCheeta and Kaam Bhari. 
At the launch, the actor said, “I was approached with this idea by my friend, soul, life guru, Navzar 3 years ago in Amsterdam and we are finally able to launch now. We are going to support original composers and content more.”
He also said, “I have nothing against remix trend. But this trend shouldn’t kill the original music and hence, we are working with hip hop and rap musicians more!” He clarified that he doesn’t want to bring in all the celebrities who can sing under his label unless and until it is necessary. 
He also revealed that Deepika Padukone is a great singer but she sings only for him. Alia Bhatt, Salman Khan and few more revealed themselves to be good singers but they don’t sing quite often. 
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