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Rajamouli got it right than Shankar

Shankar And Rajamouli
Shankar showed that visuals and story telling can go hand-in-hand and even South Indian filmmakers can assume to go beyond just creating similar kind of stories for big stars. 
His imagination showed that the market can grow when we reach newer heights with better films and stories of universal appeal. But then after Enthiran/Robo, he failed to deliver on content even though his visuals have been captivating. 
At the same time, Rajamouli took the help of visuals to create his own super hero franchise in Baahubali and delivered emotional content that people could connect to easily. 
Shankar couldn’t get the emotional content right in both his films –  I and 2.0. Still, 2.0 is better than I. Will he be able get back to the story telling abilities that he showed in many of his movies with Indian 2? We have to wait and see.
 For now, Rajamouli got the mix of emotions and visuals right but master of the art, Shankar failed to do it as effectively as Baahubali franchise or even Eega!