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Photo Feature: Parda Hai Parda!

Hindi song Parda Hai Parda, from classic, Amar Akbar Anthony comes to our mind when you see these images in an orderly fashion. 
You can see that Kajal Aggarwal wore transparent outfit yet hid herself behind curtains, playing with them. 
On other hand, some would ask Shama Sinkander to use that curtain to cover up her bikini body which is revealing a little too much for their comfort. 
Ashara Gowda and Eesha Rebba seem to have embraced curtain less windows to enjoy the view. Curtain could have improved their images, right? 
Finally, Parvathi Menon’s image again makes us ask some curtain cover up. Priyanka Chopra, after marriage seems like wearing some kind of slit outfit to expose her body all the time. You get what we are going to say next, don’t you? 
Well, enjoy the Thursday evening with some fun song and this comic piece about glam dose from these lovely ladies.