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Photo Feature: Effortless Elegance!

When you look at Vidya Balan, you remember a person who can play a pregnant lady in Kahani and a completely contrast Silk in The Dirty Picture. She manages to be effortless in anything she touches. Even on the beach too. 
Vaani Kapoor cannot say the same but the talented actress is completely sidelined due to lack of big success in her armour and also the actress seems to have limited herself to acting in YRF films only. Still, she is a beauty who is easy on the eye. 
Others like Shalini Pandey, Urvashi Rautela also look similarly effortless in being able to show off their glamorous side in front of cameras. Well, we look at these images, all we can say is these ladies are effortlessly elegant and extremely good looking. Can you dispute with that statement?!