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Photo Feature: Bol-Delicious!!

There is no stopping in Glamour and there is no right or wrong way. You’re either tastefully bold and beautiful or vulgar and abnoxious. 
But few are Bold and Delicious. If photos can be smelled and tasted, they just look like a delicacy waiting for us. This is not a disturbing theory, but a fact that we all tend to ignore at times. 
Payal Rajput, Kajal Aggarwal, Nabha Natesh, Vedhika, Sakshi Chaudhary are so strong inside that they are able to find courage to look this bold outside. 
We cannot miss Jacqueline Fernandez too. They just are able to turn on their boldness for the photos and then look such delightfully delicious too! Truly a bol-delicious sight to remember.