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Our personal data is being sold


While we are busy working, we will get a call saying that we are calling from your bank and they will stress you to tell the correct bank details and the OTP. After that, the bank balance will be empty. 

During the festival season, if we purchase any phone or any gadget from Flipcart or Amazon, we will receive a message saying you have won a car which is 11 lakhs worth for your purchase. They will ask you to deposit some money for registration. After receiving 10,000-15,000 they will switch off the mobile. 

You might be shocked to know how they will get all your data. 

When we go to places like Shopping Malls and restaurants they will take our numbers and mail id saying there are some offers. They will sell this data to marketing agencies. They will derive huge data through xerox shops also. Almost all xerox shops use multi-function devices. That device will work as Copier, Scanner, and printer. While you ask him to take a xerox of your aadhar card. A copy of your aadhar card gets saved into their hard disk without your knowledge. There are lots of xerox shops that sell these data. By using the pan card xerox, they will open a bank account without your knowledge. They take loans and you will have to repay the loan, some of the bank managers pay fraud here. 


Many bank employees are selling the customer’s data at a large scale to third parties. Credit Card names, PINs, even the expiry dates of the cards are also being sold. Based on these, people call you and their CVV numbers and OTPs. Not only this our data when we purchase anything online will also go to them. For this, they are seeking help from the employees as well as the e-commerce servers. In some cases, the seller will leak our data

How to get protection from them. 

It’s quite unfortunate that there are no strict data privacy laws. If any organization misuses our data, there should be laws and systems to fight with that organization. It is sad to know that the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India( TRAI), doesn’t have any power to block the shortcodes of the companies which sends SMS shortcodes in the name of offers and creates Whatsapp groups in the name of ‘Flipkart offers’ and ‘Big Billion Days offer’. Until people who believe that we can get 10,000 worth phones to come at 500 in an offer, people try to cheat others. So we should be very careful about this. 

Jobs and Matrimonial sites

Job aspirants and marriage aspirants fill their details in the job and matrimonial sites. This data will be sold hugely without your knowledge. Like these details of unemployed persons were gathered. From matrimonial sites, these details will be changed hands. 

Many frauds

By knowing a person’s Phone number,  Mail Id and address its easy to fraud them. Based on this information, by using google maps we can do any fraud. if they found any details of women they start harassing her on WhatsApp. With this data, they even might assault them sexually. They will take money from the unemployed person citing they have a job opportunity. These are frauds that take place around us. They are selling our Phone Numbers, Mail IDs and address, which is resulting in a huge loss. 

There is a rate for our data

On the internet, we can get Phone Numbers and Email ids of people who stay in cities like Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Warangal, Vizag, Nellore, and Tirupati for just 100 rupees. The data will be customized to a level that if we want data of only unemployed persons we can get only that. If we want data of woman we can get only that. There will be a separate database for the details of every profession there. Depending on its size and the data it has the cost will vary from 10 rupees to 5 thousand. If they get that data, they keep on calling the persons to get the data they want.