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Operation Gold Fish Movie Review

Cast: Aadi, Sasha Chettri, Nithya Naresh, Karthik Raju, Nooka Raju, Krishnudu, Abburi Ravi, Manoj Nandan. 
Music by Sri Charan Pakala 
Edited by Garry BH 
Cinematography by Jaipal Reddy
Directed & Written by Sai Kiran Adivi 
Sai Kiran Adivi as a writer and director, impressed us with Vinayakudu and he should have at least learnt from that movie that writing should be strong enough to convince audiences no matter what the story is all about. This movie just exerts bad writing and even worst execution. In a day and age, when we could see a team with least possible sources pull off films like Goodachari, that too by the filmmaker’s family member with same team, we can’t find enough excuses for this kind of a movie. 
As per story, Ghazi Baba (Abburi Ravi) who is the main accused in Kashmir Pandit Exodus kills Arjun Pandit (Aadi Sai Kumar)’s father and mother. In 2019, Arjun is a NSG Commando and he listens to his higher official Anish Kuruvilla (Anish) when he has a chance to kill Ghazi. Frustrated Arjun decides to quit his job but Anish convinces him to join Operation Gold Fish. According to the operation, he has to save Nithya (Nithya Naresh), who is the daughter of External Affairs Minister, Sharma (Rao Ramesh) from Farook (Manoj Nandan). 
The entire cast of the movie tried to overact and over sell their characters like no one else. Aadi Saikumar’s character starts the story but he doesn’t have anything to do in the movie. Abburi Ravi and Manoj Nandan, both overact like anything. And the dialogues given to them are just cringeworthy. Shasha Chettri, Nooka Raju, Krishnudu, Karthik Raju and Nithya Naresh perform the weakest scenes even incompetently. 
Crew of the film, who just worked for Goodachari kind of film, sleep walked in this film, like anything. This film is just a bad addition for their resume. Editing, music, Cinematography and writing, every department failed to live up to the expectations that we have from the team. 
To make a remake of Main Hoon Na, with such team and in that budget, nobody needs so much effort. This is the worst possible Adivi Sai Kiran’s writing and direction effort. Skip it and save yourself time. 
Rating: 1/5