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Operation 2019
Operation 2019
Operation Duryodhana came out of the left side when we least expecting and asked some pertinent questions. Can sequel to the film, replicate the same? If it could, how? Let’s discuss ..
An NRI businessman from Krishna Jilla, Uma Shankar (Srikanth) decides to help his people, mainly farmers who helped him to study and grow big after his father’s death. He wants to do some service towards them by giving money to pay off loans first. He tries through politicians and government but fails. 
So, he decides to take up politics and change them. He fails once and to succeed he turns bad. How bad and what he did achieve? Watch the movie to know about it. 
Srikanth should be credited for being able to maintain a fit body even though he is aging. But his problem is that at the right time he is not finding right movies to change the gears of his career. May be it is best for him to wait for one or two years and come back like Jagapathi Babu. He has it in him to be the villain or a good character actor. 
Deeksha Panth is as clueless in acting as she can possibly be.  Nagineedu, Posani, Ram Jagan, Giri, Sunil and Manoj in cameos are completely wasted. 
SB Uddhav seems to lack the smooth cut sense when editing a film. His edit is as messy as the script. 
Venkat Prasad did not get enough money to shoot the film, well enough. May be in some other film, when he gets budget we would be able to judge him better. 
Rap Rock Shakeel seems to have good inspirations to lap up. But loud music doesn’t work all the time and for all the scenes. 
Karanam Babji, the writer and director of the film, tried to make a movie on one point and one point only. He did not try to present it differently either. He just presented it like how Posani would have presented it but very meekly. Posani could come up with a surprising film when Operation Duryodhana came out. He had his own twisted logic to present a political satire. 
Here, the satire lost all the value and even the basic premise is too childish. One cannot just keep saying that there is a need for change without showing what the entire problem is effectively. You shouldn’t ape someone who already did the same a decade ago with same actor.  That is just too lazy writing. 
Ideology behind the movie is right 
Srikanth still has a striking screen presence 
Very old story 
A Screenplay that apes Posani Krishna Murali style 
Needless cameos 
Pointless Narration 
Any movie should have a story, a strong plot point to convey that story with emotions and logics. One cannot go completely logic less when election season demands to be the best possible season for a movie like this. Director and writer, Karanam Babji wants a change but propagates it in a very lazy manner trying to ape Posani Style of writing and making in Operation Duryodhana. 
Nothing in this film is original expect for Srikanth tonned physique. Nothing in this movie is not discussed before and people have been saying about how meritorious the ideals are. At a time and age, when Mahesh Babu to Vijay Devarakonda to Vijay all are saying the same thing, as a small budget film, you can either try to be gritty and realistic or lavishly sensitive. Movie just tries to bark ideals rather than say them smoothly and effectively. 
Rating: 0.5/5 ( for the point) 
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