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Not political, but this news is important


Here’s some news that is not part of the daily grind of politics and crime. This is about how the right use of technology can save lives and make life better. The tele medicine experts have successfully used drones to transport blood to a needy patient in the hilly interiors of Uttaranchal. The delivery of blood is faster, safer and easier this way.

On June 5, the Tehri district administration and a firm founded by an IIT alumni has successfully transported blood sample from Nandgaon, an interior village, to Tehri district headquarters hospital. In the normal surface transport, it would take more than two hours to send the blood samples. But, using a drone, the sample was sent in just 18 minutes. During the travel, the sample was kept in a small sachet of ice to maintain the temperature.

This experiment could revolutionise healthcare by providing easy and quicker access. The patient and his attendants need not travel long distances to get the medical reports. This is part of the Government’s tele medicine project.