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No cash… only garbage accepted here!!


We go to hotels, eat what we like and pay the bills in cash or credit card. But, this hotel doesn’t accept either cash or cards. This hotel accepts on kg of plastic garbage for a meal. For breakfast, you need to pay half-a-kg of garbage.Yes. You heard it right. The hotel too is named Garbage Cafe. This unique hotel is in Ambikapur of Chhattisgarh.

This is a unique initiative of the Ambikapur Municipal Coproration and this is a boon for the rag-pickers and the poor. Interestingly, Ambikapur stands second in the country in terms of cleanliness. The locals of the city are enthusiastically supporting the initiative. This will make the city cleaner, they feel.

But, the Opposition is unhappy. “If the city is already clean, where will a rag-picker get garbage from? If he is getting so much garbage, how can one claim that the city is clean?” asked Leader of the Opposition Janmajay Mishra.