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Naga Shaurya’s Aswatthama Movie Review

Starring :  Naga Shaurya, Mehreen Pirzada, Prince, Posani Krishna Murali, Sargun and Pavithra Lokesh, Jisshu Sengupta
Story by Naga Shaurya
Music Director :  Sricharan Pakala, Ghibran (BGM)
Cinematographer :  Manoj Reddy 
Director :  Ramana Teja
Producers :  Usha Mulpuri
Naga Shaurya started producing his own films on Ira Creations and he found a good success with his first production, Chalo. But then he couldn’t repeat the same with a film like Nartanasala. He wrote a thriller story all by himself and produced it this time with a young team as Aswatthama. So, how is this thriller? Did he deliver this time around? Let’s discuss … 
Few people start abducting young women using a vaccine that makes them feel weak and then they end up at the hospital getting treated for drop in glucose percentage and dehydration. Why are they doing so? Ghana (Naga Shaurya) starts investigating this as he finds out that someone did the same to his sister and she ended up pregnant even without her knowledge. She finds a good man (Prince), who believes in her and gets married to him. But Ghana takes it upon himself to end this racket and solve the mystery. Watch the movie, to unravel the mystery by yourself. 
Naga Shaurya is improving for sure. But his acting skills in emotional scenes are not at that level that he can lift a simple scene to another level. He needs to work on that more. At times, he is either freezing in front of camera or reacting forcefully. His ease in action scenes and his body language in few sequences where he needed to just say lines, is good. Jisshu Sengupta is the major surprise in the film. He is a National Award winning actor and he did showcase his skills in this film as well. All others have very limited roles and they did perform well. Mehreen did not have many testing scenes and she pulled off the regular duties of a heroine in thriller, decently. 
Music by Sricharan Prakala is not that audible but the back ground score by Ghibran elevates a rather average fare. He keeps the audiences engaged with just his talent to elevate an emotion. Cinematography by Manoj Reddy is good and engaging enough. VFX work could have better. Story and screenplay are very basic and the team could have pushed themselves to come up with even better version of the film. Ramana Teja as a director did not completely engage his audiences but he did seem comfortable handling action sequences than emotional ones. 
The story of Aswatthama tries very hard to be a maze. But it opens the puzzle right away in the second half and then tries to make it a cat & mouse game for a brief bit. A focussed screenplay for the film would have tried to either introduce us to the psycho, whom we have to be afraid about or at least it would have tried to give us a note of the sentiments of the families of the girls who are being abducted. The motive behind the villain and his crime just looks random rather than stricking the right chord. In a thriller, danger of losing someone is more important and engaging or at least not knowing who is the person behind them, would keep us on the edge. Some well executed action sequences and villain’s performance keep us engaged but the film lost a good chance of being another Ratchasan. Right from the first frame, the film tries to engage you but ends up as a good enough trial than a clear cut winner. 
As it delivers moments where people gasp for air, with Jisshu Sengupta’s character and he performed well enough in those scenes, the film feels watchable. The impact could have been better with a more focussed screenplay and writing that give rise to loose ends. Every girl is abducted in a similar fashion and until the hero gets involved in the case, no one tries to investigate. At least, the person behind the crimes doesn’t look to grow confident with each and every act. It gets interesting to see the layers being peeled than keeping the investigation at a basic level and then limiting it into a hero show than a complete film. For common audiences who like action films, this film looks passable and for those who want mich depth to enjoy an overall experience, it doesn’t engage them. Book tickets based on which category you see yourself as. 
Rating: 2/5