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Mahanati-vs Kathanayakudu: Who won the biopic war?

One must accept the fact that but for Mahanati, there would have been no biopics in Telugu industry. Mahanati started the trend and others are following. In fact, NTR biopic became a reality only after Balayya Babu watched Mahanati.  He made NTR biopic within an year of Mahanati. Naturally, there are bound to be comparisons between Mahanati and Katha Nay/akudu.
Both NTR and Savitri are as different as chalk and cheese are. Elderly people are bound to compare both the movies . In fact, Savitri biopic has become a hit due to the taut taking and gripping screen play.
 It focused on some of the major events o f Savitri’s life, but other roles were woven into the film every effectively. Where Mahanati director Nag Ashwin showed his class, the same cannot be said about Krish. The buzz is that he has not fully succeeded in recreating NTR. Mahanati raked in about Rs 40 crore. Balayya Babu must do at least double this business. Let’s wait for another week or so to know NTR biopic’s fate.