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Know who is the biggest loser in this election?


Who is the biggest loser in the just concluded general elections? It is the left parties. The CPI and the CPM have bagged just three MP seats this time. This is their lowest tally. Except for CPM’s Arif from Alappuzha, all other CPM candidates have lost the elections. They lost both the seats in Tripura and failed to win even a single seat in their once-citadel of West Bengal.

In Kerala, they expected to win at least five seats and salvage some prestige. But, the party suffered its worst drubbing in the state where it is in power. CPM stalwarts and big guns tumbled down like nine pins. It has won two MP seats in Tamil Nadu, where it is in alliance with the DMK.

Now, the party is looking at complete decimation. Already, there are demands for resignation of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. There are murmurs within the CPM that over enthusiasm on the issue of Sabarimala temple entry has caused the defeat of the party and the Congress has managed to garner all the anti-CPM votes.