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JDU too falls in line, backs Modi on 370


Modi’s magic wand ensured that even estranged ally JDU of Bihar has fallen in line on the issue of the article 370 and Article 35 A. During the voting on the issue in both Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha, the JDU staged a walkout and expressed its opposition to the bill. But,  now the party seems to have had a change of heart. It is now saying that it supports the abrogation of article 370 as it has become a law and everyone has to respect.

Sources say the JDU was shocked by the massive outpouring of support from all  quarters in the country. The opposition to the decision was minimal and muted. The party, which has upcoming elections in mind, felt that its opposition to 370 would be seen as anti-national by the majority community and quickly changed its position. The party felt that if it did not support the bill, there could be a division within the party on the lines of what is happening in the Congress.