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Is TDP facing resource crunch?


Is TDP facing severe resource crunch. The party has been in the thick of politics for far too long and used to have a lot of resources at its command. Even during the ten years it was out of power from 2004 to 2014, it did not face any shortage of resources. It could support favorable media too all these years.

But, now things seem to have changed for the TDP. The meetings are austere and the snacks served show that things are not hunky dory anymore. What more, there appeared to be a shortage of party scarves at the state-level meeting held on Tuesday. The party leaders, including even Chandrababu Naidu, wore the scarf that has the name of Gudivada printed on it.

It clearly indicated that this was not provided by the state unit. Sources say, Devineni Avinash, who recently contested and lost from Gudivada, has got these scarves printed during the elections. So the party has used these scarves for the Tuesday meeting.  If Avinash leaves the TDP, these scarves cannot be used as they have his name on it.