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If only this happened in North India?


This could have been a major national headlines had this happened anywhere in the North India. For almost a similar crime, a UP MLA is in jail. Several others are facing cases. But, this has happened in Anantapur’s interior village of Kundurpi. So, it has not become a national headlines. 

TDP leaders of the village have attacked a woman identified as Jalajamma and tried to grab her land. According to informing that came to light quite late, the TDP sarpanch Pedda Narasimhappa and his henchmen, created fake papers which said that the land belonged to him and that he had purchased it from one Meenakshamma. They tried to to prevent Jalajamma from laying foundation for the house on the said number. Narasimhappa and his son Srinivasulu tried to disrobe her. They thrashed her with the stones. The woman suffered serious injuries on her head and the right hands. 

The woman has since been shifted to the Kalyandurg government hospital. Now, the sarpanch and his relatives are in hiding. Jalajamma has demanded that action be taken against those trying to usurp her land. It is interesting to note that such things happened right under the nose of the YSRCP government and despite the TDP being out of power. Is the Jagan government watching?