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How this top heroine escaped sex racket?


Tollywood is abuzz with the talk of the US sex racket involving several heroines from the industry. The names of several heroines and anchors are tumbling out. Some anchors and heroines have also been questioned.

One more top heroine, who is a frequent visitor to the US, escaped the US police dragnet by a whisker. This heroine is a regular visitor to the US. The only difference is that she is always accompanied by family members. During a US visit last year, she was in Chicago.

Modugumudi couple, the king pins in the sex racket, approached her and arranged for her stay. The couple even made proposals to her. However, the heroine’s mother, who found something fishy, immediately asked her daughter to move out of the hotel room. Had the heroine not left the room, she too would have been embroiled in the current controversy.

She must be thanking her stars for moving out of the hotel. Otherwise, she would be facing questions from the investigative authorities.