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How this hero’s antics ruined the director?

Hero Ram And DSP

His hero’s ambitions have ruined this young and upcoming director. This director had given two back-to-back hits and was the rising star of the industry. A young hero with a zooming career graph roped him in for his next film. It was to be a hit combo. But, the hero’s antics esured that the film they churned out flopped, and badly at that.

The hero, who is entertaining dreams of emerging as the next mass hero, wanted lot of action in the first half. The director unwillingly complied. Then he suggested that there should be more comedy in the second half to sustain the viewer interest. The hero would have none of it. He even changed the story completely. At one stage, the director did not even report to the sets as he was not interested in the stunts. As expected the film flopped.

There’s no immediate worry for the hero, who has several projects on hand. But, the director has tasted a failure and lost out on several other offers. His future looks quite bleak. Now, the director is telling everyone who cares about the hero and his antics.