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Hobbs and Shaw Movie Review

Cast: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jason Sthatham, Vanessa Kirby, Idris Elba, Helen Mirren
Story by Chris Morgan
Cinematography by Jonathan Sela
Edited by Christopher Rouse
Music by Tyler Bates
Screenplay by Chris Morgan, Drew Pearce
Directed by David Leitch
Produced by Chris Morgan, Hiram Garcia, Jason Sthatham, Dwayne Johnson 
Fast and Furious franchise became more about family than the swaggy action flicks. From 5th edition, Hobbs – Dwayne Johnson and from 6th editon, Shaw – Jason Sthatham became regulars of the franchise. Now, both of them got to become buddies and their film is out. Is it good? Can it live upto the expectations of the fans of two action superstars? 
The answers are that, it does for action movie lovers and it doesn’t work for serious film buffs. If you want to nerd out on a film, if you want to invest yourself in the characters and care for them like you do for Ironman or Captain America, this is not for you. In plain words, this film is an extension of Fast and Furious stunts with some banter between a cop and a criminal. Both are trying to one up each other and that is it. 
You have Idris Elba, Helen Mirren, Vanessa Kirby to give you plot details and take you around the world. But Hobbs and Shaw just come into that scene and start giving each other hard time and smack legion of goons. These kind of films can become a genre but if they have some deeper meaning and some story elements, then they will get even bĂȘtter. 
For now, these sort of films just exist because they have charismatic leads. They exist because these actors can entertain large number of crowds with their masculinity. Here and there, you get female partners too challenging them but in the end, it is all about action stars coming together and taking the ridiculousness to different heights. 
A review for these kind of films cannot be written by picking the plot apart as no one not even writers care about it. You can’t say that the action is ridiculous it could have been clever because then you need to have a strong point driving the movie forward like Bourne series or a plot like Avengers films taking it all forward. All Fast and Furious want you to do is forget that you need some story and enjoy the stunts. 
John Wick level stunt work or imagination cannot be expected too. Because the stars have to show their skills. And their skills lie in flaunting their bodies and pulling off some martial arts. But it doesn’t lie in really making you invest in a story and then take you forward. Bottomline is buy snacks if you can and find a good seat in the theaters and enjoy “Rock smash” and “Sthatham kick”! 
Rating: 2.5/5