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Guess who this ‘celebrity’ is

Guess who this 'celebrity' is

She hasn’t done many films, but is the talk of the town. For the past few months, she has been making news with her acts and allegations. One slip of the tongue had done her in and she has lost the news worthiness.

Despite all these things, she is still trying to make news some how or the other. She is now targeting a popular hero and none uses invectives on social media like this lass. She now found the recent sex scandal in the US a boon to get back to the limelight.She says she knows all those involved in the US sex scandals. She claims she knows all the actresses and anchors personally well. She claims that all these names tumbled out only because of her.  She says she would not have revealed all these names if they had ‘made peace’ with her.

Now, who can convince the self-delusional people? Guess who?