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Give award hastily, take it back hurriedly


Kerala Government, which was ready to lose Hindu vote, for ‘upholding’ the rights of menstruating women to enter Sabarimala temple, showed no such courage when the Christian Church threatened it. When the Kerala Lalit Kala Academy has announced an award for cartoonist Subhash for his cartoon on Jaladhar Bishop Franco Mullakal, who is accused of a rape by a Christian nun, everyone expected the Kerala Government to stand by the Academy and the cartoonist.

But, with the Kerala Catholic Church issuing a threat, the Communist Government put the tail between its legs and mildly acquiesced. It simply withdrew the award given to Subhash.

Bishop Mullakal is accused of raping a nun repeatedly by threatening her. When the woman filed a case, the Church chose to ignore it and back Mullakal. When Mullakal was released on bail in connection with the case, the Church organised a massive welcome for  him.

The nun and her backers were excommunicated from the Community. So, when the cartoon was given an award, the Church said its religious sentiments were hurt and the Kerala Government simply backed off and