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Gayatri Gupta’s sensational comments on Telugu Bigg Boss

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Gayatri Gupta, the actress who opened the first conversation on casting couch in the Telugu Film Industry, said that her friends in the contestants of previous seasons of Bigg Boss Telugu, advised her to not enter the show.  
She said”I was approached to be a part of the show in season 2 and I did consider but the terms did not work out. They asked me, “Can you stay without sex for 100 days?” And also asked about the activities regarding sex and social life with my family & friends!”
She continued, “I was surprised by questionnaire but then understood that they are coming from an International background. Well, some of friends in the contestants said that it is better not to enter the house. 
They stressed that the makers won’t show things that you normally do in the day and they only concentrate on fights or an incident that happens due to someone’s aggression. It is hard to explain yourself when only that part is highlighted and you can easily be exposed as a bad person for what you said in anger, which you may have never said outside.
So, I have no desire to enter the house, unless I see a change in the format or presentation!!” She clearly stated that in future too she expects to get better treatment to individuals in the show than them just being used for getting TRP’s.