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F2 Movie Review
F2 Movie Review

F2 – Fun and Frustration is the new movie from Anil Ravipudi who delivered hattrick hits. Now, he is coming with an ensemble film and that too with Venkatesh, Varun coming together for the first time. Let’s discuss how the movie is…

An orphan Venky (Venkatesh), is able to become PA of MLA (Raghu Babu). He tries to get married from a long time but he doesn’t get a right match. Harika (Tamanna) agrees for marriage knowing that he is an orphan. But they keep fighting all the time and Venky ends up being frustrated with her and her family. 
Varun (Varun Tej) establishes a business and he falls in love with Honey (Mehreen) who has an ego to be always called Honey is the Best. Unable to handle her and family disturbances, in his frustration, he decides to run away on the day of marriage with Venky.  Will they realise the love of the women? Will women be able to forgive them? Watch the movie for answers …
Venkatesh is the backbone of this film. It almost seems like a tribute to his career from Anil Ravipudi. He shouldered many scenes with his screen presence and ease. Varun Tej tried his best to hell his senior colleague in handling the weight. But he is not entirely there yet. 
Tamanna and Mehreen are the bad links in the cast. Anil should have cast better. Y. Vijaya and Annapurnamma land the jokes well. Raghu Babu, Prakash Raj, Pridhvi, Priyadarshi too support well. Srinivasa Reddy and Vennela Kishore irritate.  
Thammiraju as an editor is good in assembling an edit but he didn’t really make an attempt to edit out the lags and trim the drags. 
Sameer Reddy as a cinematographer just shot the locations and actors. He did nothing to give the movie, a character of its own. 
Devi Sri Prasad is the biggest minus of the film and he seems to have scored for the movie in a hurry. Absolutely none of his tunes work as much as we expect from him. 
Anil Ravipudi likes to ham a bit and when they work, they land his jokes perfectly. But the same hamming frustrates you in the second hour of his movies, all the time. He couldn’t really land that second hour again too. He set it all up well but then he just couldn’t find an interesting way to deliver the solution. 
The known jokes and similar situations hamper the movie, so much that what we enjoyed in the first hour becomes the very factor that kills the fun and starts frustrating us. He needed to add better characters and situations to the set up, for us to enjoy the movie better and his climax doesn’t land at all. He seems to be highly inspred from Housefull franchise. 
Venky shoulders the film. 
Varun, Priyadarshi good 
First half is better in comparison 
Heroines performance
Second hour falls completely flat
Hamming hampers the movie 
Writing is not good
No Wow Factor. 
Music by DSP 
In a film, male and female leads needs to be lovable and cute. If one dominates the other, we can’t expect a film that is balanced and well-rounded. Tamannah Bhatia and Mehreen are no way a match to Venkatesh and Varun Tej. While Varun tried his best Venky had to shoulder all the burden. Hence, whenever he is not on screen, even other seniors failed to land the punches well. 
Anil Ravipudi couldn’t balance the equation well enough. Even in the second hour, the jokes fall from ‘Jabardasth’ range to Housefull-3 range. Even then, it is Venky who tries to really save the film and hold it all together. Still house of cards don’t really stand strong to make it look like a stone castle. For Holiday season, it may hold fort and entertain you at least for few sequences here and there. 
Rating: 2.75/5