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Even House of Republicans don’t trust Trump!

Trump allies and his house representatives, the Republicans are also slowly turning their backs to the most ridiculed President ever in the history of USA and even World. He is slowly gaining in on trouble for his completion of term too. 
While the FBI investigation under Muller is closing in on his aides, even the biggest of all supporters of Trump like Mitch McConnell are opposing him. 
Republican representatives are voting against Trump’s Immigrantion and International policies in the house. They are even introducing anti bills that resist Trump from acting on his decisions like pulling away from NATO, being friendly with North Korea and lifting sactions on Russian companies. 
Even Republicans are finding it hard to support the Border Wall funding and they have said that the top priority of the Country should be good governance and not a Wall. 
US still reckons Russia, Islamic States, Syria, North Korea as threats but Trump wants to think the other way and hence, even his party has turned opposition to his policies.