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Dora and The Lost City of Gold Movie Review

Cast:  Isabela Moner, Eugenio Derbez, Michael Pena, Eva Longoria, Danny Trejo 
Music by John Debney, Germaine Franco
Story by Tom Wheeler, Nicholas Stoller
Screenplay by Nicholas Stoller, Matthew Robinson
Cinematography by Javier Aguirresarobe
Edited by Mark Everson
Produced by Kristin Burr
Directed by James Bobin
Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon used to fight for telecasting the best possible anime series for young children. Today, Disney and video games own that space. Still Doremon, Chota Bheem have children turning into big fans for the TV Series.  At this point of time, Detective Pikachu, Trolls, Angry Birds and now, Dora being adapted into movies seem to be a new trend in the Hollywood to attract latest generation kids towards the old generation favorites, to continue them as movies and TV shows. 
This movie, Dora comes with a character that wants to look everything in the world from positive outlook and being jungle, she is a civilised Tarzan who finds City unfit yet falls in love with it. As a movie, the story is as dumb as Rose jumping back into the Titanic for Jack and hopelessly clichéd. But there is an old world love and charm in Titanic, for that moment to be defined as romance. In this one, we have high school characters trying to find solutions to big problems through weird and borderline mentally retarded reactions. 
It is my intention to say that children are weird but Dora feels naggy, very weird and completely innocent yet intelligent. She is the one character you either hate or love. While I did not really hate it there was nothing to love either. Film tries to be light and wants to accept that it is a children’s film with all clichés. But the fun in a film like Jumanji is missing in this one. 
You don’t travel with the character that much if you’re not familiar with the TV Series. That is a big miss for the film as the TV Series is not currently popular. The leads tried to be enthusiastic and for some extent sell their parts. Still, some of the scenes are poorly constructed and they don’t gel well with the story part as well. The writing seems rushed for more parts and may be another draft could have helped the narrative better. 
When you think about going to a theater with children then this movie has enough characters and exploration scenes, that will gather their attention but it won’t really blow them away too. For a weekend with no other entertainment source, you can try this, other than that this is just lethargic attempt on re-creating magic of children’s beloved TV series. 
Rating: 2/5