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Did this heroine yell at film director?


There is an interesting buzz in the Telugu filmdom these days. It is about a top heroine scolding an award-winning director on the sets. So strong was the reprimand and the ridicule that the director has promptly opted out the half-done project. Despite the director opting out and the heroine maintaining a calculated silence, the controversy refuses to die down. 

Sources say the heroine used highly abusive language and the director’s hurt is beyond repair. So, the film does not have a director now. As a result, the unit roped in a green horn and some how managed to complete the film. From what we know, the film’s titles will not have a director’s name plate. This perhaps will be the first time in the 85 year-old history of the film industry that a film will release without the name of a director. 

So, what’s next? The heroine is currently busy with a historical period flick. She is also doing a film with a young Tamil hero. The heroine is yet to come out with her version of the events. She is said to be telling her friends that there was no bad blood between she and the director.